We're happy you expressed your interest in the bootcamp!
This is how it's gonna be from now on:
> You'll receive a logical (not technical) challenge on the 14th of October, for which you'll have 24h to complete.
> This sign up form and the challenge results will determine if you get invited to an interview taking place from October 16 until October 19
> You'll hear the 21st of October if you've been accepted into the bootcamp.
What's your first name? *

Hey {{answer_VcNkD8CgopQW}}, nice to meet you.
What's your last name? *

What faculty are you from? *

At which phone number can we reach you? *

Please provide a Dutch phone number. If you don't have one, please provide your home phone number.
Why do you want to learn to code? *

Have you coded before? *

We do not require a prior knowledge, but we'd really like to know! :)
Why do you want to join the Front End Bootcamp? *

What will you do after the bootcamp? *

The bootcamp will not be a walk in the park. A lot of time and effort is required to succeed at it. But we assure you, the rewards far outweigh the investment. So we ask, are you ready? *

I acknowledge that
> I'll pay the bootcamp if I get in (60 euro).
> I have a personal computer to work from.

* You'll receive details on how to pay once you've been selected. Refunds are subject to specific conditions. Keep an eye on our facebook page for more information and updates!


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